Give me Halloween themed suggestions!

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i made my first path!! getting it to match the ground was reeeally hard and it changes a lot throughout the day, so i made three paths!! if anyone uses this pleeease tell me it’d mean a lot to me!

tip for easily switching them out: keep all three in yr QR codes and use one other space for the one that will be on the ground. when you want to switch, drag the new one ontop of the currently-in-use space and do “copy” that’ll change the one on the ground, and you don’t have to run to the able sisters all day :-)

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Doll dress made by Asagi Usagi ^^.
Long sleeve and short sleeve designs.


((sorry for the really bad quality pictures, my laptop isnt working right now))

in the true spirit of halloween i made a fun pumpkin dress!! it’s probably been done before but oh well. feel free to use❤️

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Pretty much the only winter path of the few that I’ve found which I like. 

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I made my first face board!

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My first ever QR code. A Coffee sign!


Pumpkin patches!

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it’s finally here!!! (´ヮ`) so many of you have asked so i decided to release the qr’s early! please do not claim as your own. ENJOY! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


I made some quick Halloween Paths for my town with Halloween right around the corner

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Black Kitty Cutout Board! Er well purple kitty, either way still cute! Click here for yesterday’s jack cutout design!

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